Friday, February 18, 2011

University's Worst Transgression: Procrastination

This week procrastination has really caught up to me, and if you're in university (or even high school) I'm sure you've been in the same boat. While I tried this week to get things done ahead of time, I still ended up with a horribly busy Tuesday night with more work than I could possibly accomplish while getting sleep. So I made the decision to do a Denny's night. Everyone at TWU knows that a Denny's night means you're going to be up late and need a lot of coffee.
Well I went to Denny's, did my paper work, and then started working on my monologue for my voice and movement class the next day. Turns out I am really bad at memorizing Shakespeare at four in the morning. Plus when I only getting four hours of sleep I am incapable of remembering it.
So Wednesday afternoon I was standing doing some breathing exercises when I all of a sudden felt sick to my stomach. It wasn't just a quesy feeling, it was an "I'm gagging because I'm so close to puking" moment. This feeling of almost puking lasted a good hour until a friend of mine pointed out that I had low blood sugar. I then realized I had forgotten to eat since 11 pm and the only thing I had that morning was a Red Bull. At the same time, it was my turn to share. I realized I couldn't remember any lines past the first two and said "I'm not prepared to present anything".
Here are the lessons from my story:
  1. Don't leave half of a twelve hour project until the night before
  2. Remember to leave time for yourself to sleep (especially if you need to remember facts the next day, such as an exam or scene)
  3. Remember to eat! Especially when you're tired and your body needs nutrition even more.
  4. Don't ever rely on Red Bull.
I recovered just fine and went to my Technical Theatre class following Voice and Movement (with food), and by the time I got to rehearsal I was just jimdandy.

Denny's runs are inevitable for me, I am by nature a procrastinator and I love working at Denny's. But because I know this about myself, I will try to leave less homework until the last minute, especially memorization.

Until next time,

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