Monday, February 14, 2011


This past week has been so crazy for me I don't even know how to describe it. I had two sick days which put me quite a bit behind schedule and then on top of that I have already been slacking more on my homework than I should've been. I normally will be blogging at least twice a week from work but because I was sick I didn't end up going in.
The worst thing about being sick in University is knowing that for every class you miss by being sick, you are taking an automatic hit to your grade. You will rarely be able to learn everything from that class that you weren't in. You just automatically miss out. Yes, professors are understanding and they want to help you come back from it, but there is only so much that they can do.
It is now 1:07 in the morning and I am now nearly finished a project that is due on Wednesday. Because I have a midterm on Thursday that I need to study for so I need to get everything else out of the way first.

On top of my sickness and coming back from all the homework that suffered, I have also been going through some extremely high highs. The past couple weeks I have been struggling with my relationship with God and I didn't even know why. I just sort of stopped working on it without realizing. When I realized it I got mad, but started working on it again. I have come back from most of it and have been talking with God more but I miss where I was a few weeks ago before I unintentionally let my relationship slip. Like I said I am recovering from it, and today in church I had a good conversation with God.

In other news my entire world has been shifting. This semester I have noticed that the major people in my life has changed significantly. I have grown extremely close to a few people who I wasn't as close with last semester and I have grown apart from a couple people as well. On top of this I just found out last week that the house I live in during the summers and christmas break is up for sale. And when my foster family buys a new house there won't necessarily be room for me. I do not blame them at all for their decision, however, it is timed extremely poorly for me personally. I am going away to London for three weeks (I know, poor me) and they are planning on moving either the day before I leave or a few days after I come back. This means that when I come back from London I am officially an adult. I will have no safety net for me to fall back into. I need to have my own place. I am lucky enough to have a job lined up for the day after I get back from London (God is so good!) but I still need to find a place to live. There are a few options I haven't entirely explored that I'd like to still, but I still don't know everything. It seems like God has prepared my life for huge changes over the next few months that I don't even understand yet. It seems like everything that I have been holding onto is slipping away and everything I didn't expect is happening. I'm sure that God's plan is bigger and better than I can understand from my perspective, but for now it's kind of scary.

In other news, rehearsal for The Bacchae (which opens Mar 23rd) is going amazing! I can't express how happy rehearsal has made me. It has not only been extremely fun, but challenging as well. I've figured out over the past few weeks that I can't imagine my life without theatre in it. The show is coming together so well that all I want to do when I'm offstage is watch the show. I will post more about the show later when it's not so late.

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